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On Site Monitoring For Your Retail Store Chain.


A positive impression leads to a bond between the consumer and the concept.  That bond leads to a transaction that contributes to immediate short term growth and has the power to create a relationship that can last a lifetime.


The Customer Service Environment

CRG ProShoppers   visit your retail location incognito, blending in with other customers, so as to gain an  insight into the true customer service environment.  Their findings are then promptly reported to the  CRG data center, where the feedback is made available for immediate distribution to key field management personnel.  Meanwhile the data is simultaneously compiled and prepared for periodic distribution of presentation quality summarization to the senior management.   

Successful retailers undeniably acknowledge the power of Customer Feedback in today's competitive market place.  Find out why knowledgeable retail executives have chosen CRG as their Information Provider of Choice!




"The only way to know how Customers see your business is to look at it through their eyes."

 - Daniel R. Scroggin




 Could YOUR company benefit from the feedback of a Secret Shopper Service?

Don't delay, find out today.  Then YOU decide!



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 Our Privacy Policy

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Words from an industry leader on Building Guest Loyalty.


"We fully expect to continue our sales growth by building guest loyalty through intensified secret shopper and management training efforts."

               Philip Hickey, Jr., Chairman & Chief Executive 

                     Rare Hospitality, Inc. (Long Horn Steaks, Bugaboo Creek and Capital Grille Restaurants)




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